How to Use Zoom

  • Schedule a Zoom Class or Private based upon instructor availability.
  • Private sessions are $95, classes are $20. Existing duets may schedule together at $65 per person. If you’d like to use sessions from an existing package as opposed to spending more right now, please allow the studio time to convert your packages to store credit.
  • Existing clients, reply to this email and Include the statement: I, ____________, agree that the terms of the informed consent and waiver & release of liability to which I previously agreed upon becoming a client of The Center Studio (now d/b/a Candlestick Pilates) shall be deemed to include any type of training I receive from Candlestick Pilates, including, but not limited to, training provided through an online portal, whether through the Candlestick Pilates website or through another online platform featuring Candlestick Pilates instructors.

You will then receive an email that looks like this:

Before Your Appointment:

  • Go to on your web browser and download the latest update to your device.
    • Desktop/Laptop users can use the website directly without downloading an app
    • Smartphone/Ipad users should download the app
    • Zoom will need access to both your camera and microphone. On a laptop, please disable your screensaver. On a phone, please adjust the lock time for your device. This will ensure an uninterrupted view for your instructor.
  • Creating an account is OPTIONAL. We recommend simply entering your unique meeting ID (see image and arrows above) that correlates with your session time.
  • Find a spot in your home on the floor where you have room to move around. The space should be your body height and arms-length width with some room to spare. The space should also have ample lighting, and situated in a low traffic area away from outside noise that could cause a distraction (people, phone, TV, etc)
  • Plug in your device to ensure a full charge
  • Place a mat or towel down in the location you’ve chosen
  • Prop your phone or your laptop screen onto a higher area such as a table or chair so that the instructor can look at you from diagonally above. Your device should be focused on you at an angle unless the instructor asks you to move to a specific location. You and your instructor can work through the ideal location at the time of your session.
  • If you have home exercise equipment (ex: weights, bands, rollers, magic circles), let your instructor know as we can incorporate these into your session. Don’t forget your water!
  • Therabands, hand weights, etc – let’s get creative. You can use towels, ties, canned goods
  • Please also keep an extra towel or pillow by you in case there is need for head/neck support

Day Of Your Appointment:

  • When it is 2 minutes before your meeting and you are set up for class CLICK THE LINK,
  • A new window will open, click “Open” On the app, you can simply enter the Meeting ID and password.
  • Click “Join with Computer Audio”
  • You will see yourself on your device as well as your instructor.
  • For Classes, you will be asked to join a Breakout Room with JUST your instructor
  • Click “Join”
  • At the end of your class, the host will give you a five minute warning.
  • Our desk staff will email with any payment or scheduling follow-ups as needed.