Why Candlestick Pilates?

If you are a Pilates professional, you may have accomplished the advanced Candlestick exercise on the Cadillac.

If you are a student of Pilates then you might have this feat of control to look forward to…

The real truth is, this advanced exercise is rarely attempted by clients at all. Why name a studio after it, you ask? Well, in our previous space, the ceilings were so low that we didn’t even have the option to try it. On 83rd Street, with our soaring ceilings… the sky’s the limit and the Candlestick is within reach!

For us, the moniker Candlestick Pilates embodies growth, goals and risk taking. We got turned on our heads in 2019, and we REALLY like the perspective it gave us (and our new home!).

Candlestick also gives us an image of strength and style. The literal holder of a candle can be found in different materials, sizes, and shapes. It can be curvy and stable or tall, thin and imperfectly balanced.

The Center Studio gave us solid identity for 14 years, and we love who we’ve become. Candlestick Pilates is about reaching new heights and the journey in front of us. And we are thrilled that we are on the journey together!

Thank you!

Hallee and the Candlestick Pilates Team

PS. Anyone want to join a game of word play? We have MELTed wax… we have a burning flame…

You try! Leave a comment with your best pun.

And please check out our new website and let us know what you think!