Six Benefits of Group Classes

Classes are a wonderful addition for healthy bodies to sustain and further develop their Pilates practice. Some of you have already taken full advantage of this — I’m talking to you fully-booked-Sunday-class-goers — but there are still plenty of us that know we can feel & move even better. Here are some awesome benefits to a semi-private environment:

  1. Cost: Pilates is most effective multiple times a week. Our mat classes are $25 and Apparatus classes are $35 and capped at 3 participants. You can’t beat this deal- I encourage you to take advantage of this “trio” rate while it lasts!!
  2. Flow: we will get you moving! Though we are always sticklers for form, class flow is where it’s at. Challenge yourself to learn the Classical order and maximize your output by anticipating the exercises. PS. Our social media campaign March Matness is a great assist for learning the order.
  3. Independence: Once you realize the benefits of Pilates 3x per week, you won’t want to stop! Life and travel can influence your routine, but remember, we give homework! Clear some floor space and give yourself a workout that you learned in class.
  4. Socialization: Pilates friends can be the best friends! We wear the comfiest clothes, we often talk about food, and we have great posture.
  5. Meet a duet partner: Perhaps you can’t always attend class, perhaps you prefer the customization of a private session, but want to add another workout during the week. Ask your class instructor if s/he can recommend a suitable duet partner. This is the second best way to add a lower cost workout to your week. Still not convinced? Reread #4
  6. Try a new instructor: We have some hard-to-get teachers. Almost all have classes on our weekly schedule. If you have only tried Pilates from one source- even if it’s the BEST source, you are missing out. We all see and say things differently and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!