Where to Log In?

Go to candlestickpilates.com and find SCHEDULE & LOG IN in the top navigation*.

Scroll down below the laptop header image. Some browsers my prompt you to click “view schedule.”

Find the maroon bar and look for the person icon in the left corner

*You can also download our iOS app or Google Play app to access your account.

Accessing your Account

Use your email and password to log in (use new password link as needed, or email the studio!)

Account options

Once you are logged in, find the three horizontal menu lines on the left.

Your account allows you to: schedule and book classes, view your attendance and payment history, or even add store credit (for services and retail) to your account.  For security reasons, none of your payment information transferred. Please input a new card (now accepting amex!)

The best way to request an appointment (virtual or in-person) is to email [email protected] Due to occupancy restrictions, the in-person schedule is in flux and the most up to date information can be requested via email! Thank you.