hallee altman


Hallee has been teaching the Pilates Method since 2001. After her first mat class she instantly became hooked, and just as Joseph Pilates guaranteed, saw changes in her body in just ten private sessions. She was driven to learn more, and quickly became inspired to teach others to better understand their body’s boundaries and intensify their workouts while staying pain-free.

Certified by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Hallee furthers her education by taking weekly sessions and continuing education courses taught by industry leaders.

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our instructors

All of our instructors have completed a minimum of 600 hours of apprentice training and a comprehensive certification. We encourage you to try multiple instructors to find the personality and teaching style that best fits your learning style. We also have many clients that book by schedule and availability.

Bethany Perry


Bethany Perry is a Senior Instructor: she has been teaching full time at The Candlestick Pilates® since October 2005. Bethany was introduced to the Pilates method while attending SUNY Brockport College. Shortly after receiving her degree in Dance, she moved to New York City to pursue further training in both Pilates and dance. She obtained her certificate from Power Pilates after completion of their comprehensive program in October 2004.


Greg Grube


Greg began teaching in 2008 and is Senior Instructor at Candlestick Pilates. He learned the classical Pilates method through a unique, individualized apprenticeship with Collette Stewart following the completion of a degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

His interest in anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and somatic restoration led to additional certifications with Eric Franklin (Level I and Level II) and a yearlong professional dance program under the direction of Steve Paxton–a leading figure in the contemporary dance world.

Katie Desmond

After a 17-year career in advertising, Katie decided that it was time to focus on something more meaningful to her, and with a direct impact on other people’s lives. She left her job to pursue Pilates—a system that she attributes to ridding her lower back pain, helping her recover from a broken foot, and improving her golf swing.

Katie was introduced to Pilates in 2011 while searching for a fitness routine more engaging than just “going to the gym”. As a former gymnast, she was immediately sold on Pilates because of its inherent combination of strength training, flexibility and balance control.

Heather Cloud

Heather was first introduced to Pilates at age 10 when her mother began teaching the classical mat system. After moving to New York City, she was able to experience Pilates on the different apparatus and was smitten with how the system worked her deep muscles and allowed her to grow a little taller.

Shana Greenberg

Shana began practicing Pilates while training for her first marathon in 2011. She instantly loved the way she felt after each session and quickly began to see positive changes in her body and minutes shaved off her race times. She credits Pilates for keeping her strong and injury free and fully believes it’s a must for athletes and non athletes alike.

Anna Bucci

Anna has a degree and background in Musical Theatre, and has been practicing Pilates as a way to stay limber and healthy for years. It wasn’t until a back injury however, that she saw the life changing effects the Pilates method can have… on the body, mind and spirit!

Having this experience inspired Anna to get her certification. She completed her Comprehensive Certification through The Pilates Standard. Anna is passionate about carrying on the legacy and helping others through the “magic” of Pilates!

Stephanie Giuliani

Stephanie Giuliani is a Pilates Instructor and dancer originally from Minnesota. She graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s in Dance, concentrating in Physical Therapy and Performance with minors in Somatics and Philosophy. At Drexel, she completed the Drexel Pilates Training Program under the leadership of Jennifer Morely who has certifications from Romana Kryzanowska (Romana’s Pilates) and Karen Carlson (Pineland Pilates). Collaborating her experience of dance and movement with her knowledge of anatomy, Stephanie often focuses the somatic and embodiment of the Pilates practice. After spending time in NYC for an internship in 2018, Stephanie is excited to be back and working with Candlestick Pilates.