Six Benefits of Group Classes

Small Group Classes are now our Jam!

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Why Candlestick Pilates?

If you are a Pilates professional, you may have accomplished the Candlestick exercise on the Cadillac

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March Matness 2020

34 Mat exercises featuring our candlesticks and instructors!

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March Matness 2019

34 Mat exercises done on Pilates Apparatus in The Center Studio

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March Matness 2018

Some of the 34 Mat exercises are videos on our You Tube channel!

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March Matness 2017

Pilates in Paradise!

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…about Greg

I started taking my first mat classes in a Philadelphia gym in the early 2000’s—a few years before Madonna sang that terrible song that nobody really remembers. (Hint: American Life).

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…about Bethany

I was introduced to Pilates mat in college (and HATED it!). Soon after moving to NYC in 2000, I got a job in a Pilates studio as a receptionist. The apprentices at the studio would practice on me all the time. This is where my love of Pilates was born—in a studio on the machines. In 2003, I was trying to live the starving artist

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… about Katie

During our sessions, we talk about lifting up from the center, and creating a straight line from tailbone to the crown of the head. It’s refreshing to stand tall with your shoulders back. That’s because you’re lengthening your spine and your core is doing its fair share of the work!

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… about Shana

I started practicing Pilates when training for my first marathon in 2013. All the training programs said that you should also cross train.

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