… about Shana

1. How did you get into practicing and teaching Pilates?

I started practicing Pilates when training for my first marathon in 2013. All the training programs said that you should also cross train. I had no idea what that meant and I had a free Pilates session to take at my gym, so I gave it a shot. Pilates is cross training, right?? Well, it certainly was and I finished my first marathon in under 4 hours.

I have stuck with Pilates because I love the way it makes me feel. I have seen so much positive change in my body from my strength to flexibility and I am pretty sure I have grown about a half an inch. 4 marathons later, I keep shaving minutes off my finish time. I am pain free, stand taller, and see no end in sight for practicing Pilates or running. There is always a new way to look at an exercise, and I am never bored!

After getting my “dream” job as a producer at the Today Show I thought I had it made. But I gradually realized that the TV business was not for me. While taking one of my weekly Pilates sessions I thought ‘I could teach this’. Lucky for me, the stars aligned and I soon started a teacher trainer program. A few weeks later I realized this was the dream job I didn’t know I was looking for!

2. What was your “Aha!” moment in Pilates?

I find that the Wunda Chair helped me find so many “Aha” moments. One that stands out is Table. I was able to find my tush and my abs because if I didn’t the peddle would drop. Once I realized how the chair “worked” I was able to get so much more out of the exercises performed on it. I love when my clients have their own “Aha” moments. There is such a mind-body connection in Pilates and when something clicks, you feel the exercise in a different way. It can be very empowering.

3. What activities do you enjoy when you’re not in the studio?

Currently I am planning a wedding, so I enjoy trolling Instagram for the latest and greatest in floral arrangements. I also love to run, experiment in the kitchen and spend a few hours binging on my favorite show of the moment…currently it’s Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

4. What’s the most common condition or injury that ails your clients, and how do you approach helping with it?

It seems like everyone is dealing with knee pain this winter. I have spent a lot of time on alignment. If you have worked with me in the last few weeks you have probably heard me say “keep your big toes down” about 100 times. Also, lots of side kicks to get the stretch, and to strengthen the hips.

5. What’s your favorite Pilates exercise to teach?

I love to teach pull ups on the Wunda Chair. It is such an accomplishment for so many people and it works the powerhouse like crazy!!