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All Pilates instructors are trained to look at the body in front of them. At Candlestick Pilates, we consider the person living inside the body. Our clients have ranged from 13-105 years old and come in all shapes, sizes and levels of experience.

We teach clients who are pregnant and those who live with Parkinson’s. We teach clients who have never exercised before and clients who are triathletes. Some are trying to slim down, some want muscle definition. All come to us with the desire to feel good in the skin they live in.

Each session is customized, the process and progress look different, but our goal for every client is the same: Educate the mind, move the body and notice the amazing changes that happen as a result of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning.


Private Appointments

Virtual or In-Person sessions with one instructor
and one student.

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Duet appointments

Virtual or In-Person sessions with one instructor
and two students.

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50- minute virtual classes, both live and recorded. We offer Pilates Mat and MELT


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